My Own T-shirt

What Should I do to Design My Own T-shirt?


When you want a new t-shirt, you need to know how to get it. There are lots of options in stores selling clothes, but they only provide items that are made with their own design, their clothes, and made under their rules. You don’t need this if you want to be unique. See more about this here.

What you need to do is create your t-shirt. This is not a complex task, but you still need to know where to start and how to do it. You’ve surely seen others how they proudly wear their custom-made clothes, and that’s exactly what you need.

In this article, we’re going to help you do exactly the same and be like these cool guys. We will tell you what are the steps and what you must do to make the perfect t-shirts that only you will have. Stay with us and see what we have prepared.

1. Think about your design

The first and most important issue to think about is what you’re going to place on your t-shirt. Is it a logo, text, image, all these things can be printed, and you should think about what you want? Then, you need to design this printing solution so it looks perfect.

Some rules need to be followed, and you need to search more about them on the internet. Graphic designers are the people who are skilled and educated in this matter, so either ask a friend about this or hire someone professional. See more about these rules here:

2. Look for the right printing company

There are tons of printing companies around you. Some are specialized in clothes printing, while others are more into other stuff. What you must do before starting your search is to open the internet search bar and write in what you’re looking for.

The map will explain what options are there and you will easily locate the businesses that are going to help you. Those who are close are the best ones. You don’t have to walk for miles to get your shirt done the right way.

3. Read some reviews to know which one is the best

Although we said to choose one from the neighborhood, you should still look for one that will be considered a top-notch company and is going to create exactly the type of t-shirt you’ve been looking for. Not any business is the same – some are better than others.

The best ones are those who have the best reputation. Look online through the review websites to find the one business in your city to know who the best in town is. Of course, I will choose the one with the best review to design my tshirt.

4. Order the amount you want

If you’re an individual, then one t-shirt is easy to be done, but if you’re a company that wants to order more pairs, then this is something else. The order for more pairs will come at a more affordable price, and it’s easier to make more t-shirts with one design.

However, if you want every piece done differently, then this is a huge project and you’ll need to negotiate with the owners. Talk about these things with the printing company owners and see what they tell you.

5. Check pricing

Not everyone will offer the same price. Some are better than others and these printing houses will give you a price that’s a lot higher than others. It’s your decision whether you’ll choose an affordable one or someone asking for more money for the same project.

It’s worth knowing that those who charge more are usually better. What does this mean? It means that more quality printing will leave the stamp there nearly forever. Cheap colors and materials might make the shirt wear off easily and be destroyed.


With all these things above, it’s up to you to make the choice. You now have the information in front of you, so you know how to do it. Picking the right printing house to make the perfect t-shirt is not an easy job, but if you do some research, then be sure that you’ll come on top of the project.

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