Bikini waxing

What nobody ever told you about getting a bikini wax


We list 5 things you probably did not know about getting a bikini line wax – so we set the record straight.

You’re headed for a beach vacation to an exotic country, and your bags are packed. But while packing your bathing suit, you realised that you would need to clear your bikini line. You are terrified about getting a bikini wax. Read on to know a few facts about it – and don’t worry, it’s perfectly safe!

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1. It hurts a lot – but only till you get used to it. All manner of waxing hurts by degrees. Some women are more prone to pain than others. Since it pulls the hair out by the roots, it smarts for a few minutes. However, underarm and bikini waxing hurts a little bit more than waxing the limbs, because the skin in these areas is quite delicate. The first time you get a bikini wax, it will hurt quite a bit. So be mentally prepared for a glowing, hair free bikini line after enduring some amount of pain. However, you will notice that the hair grows back finer than before so that the next time you wax, it will go much easier than before.

2 .You can do it by yourself – just prep well for it. You don’t need to book a salon appointment to get a bikini wax. Just get a box of Veet cold wax strips and give yourself a bikini line wax at home. But you need to prep for it properly beforehand. Make sure you are not disturbed, and clear out space in your room to lie down with your knees propped up. Keep a mirror on a stand close by at floor level so that you can see what you are doing. Take a pain killer if you are extra sensitive down there, or apply an ice pack for 10 minutes to numb the skin. Now apply the wax strip as instructed and pull off in one quick motion. Clean with the wipes provided in the box and apply a soothing moisturiser.

3 .It has no side effects, but you have to be careful while waxing yourself. Bikini waxing is just like waxing other areas of the body. However, the area may become red and sore since the skin is more delicate. The tingling, painful sensation subsides after a while. Though there are no side effects associated with it, there are still some precautions you must take, such as –

  • Do not apply hot wax on the skin if you are doing the bikini wax by yourself for the first time. You may use hot wax once you have enough practice to do so.
  • Be careful about the kind of bikini wax you choose. You may only remove the hair from the sides of your legs, or you choose a Brazilian wax. But when you choose the latter, ensure that you do not apply the wax strip on the labia. If you are unsure about waxing next to your vulvar region, then you can either trim the hair or entrust the job to your beautician at the salon.
  • Don’t be squeamish about doing the bikini wax. If you are afraid of doing it yourself, let the salon help you out.

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