Top 3 Tips to Look Slim in a Lehenga


A festive season always demands for you to look your best and a set of lehenga choli never fails to give you a stunning look that is admired by all. One cannot resist wearing a lehenga that gives you an elegant and chic look effortlessly. However, there are many women reluctant to wear one because of the way they look in a lehenga. Here are a few tips that’ll help you look your absolute best in a lehenga choli. Make sure to remember these points when you indulge in lehenga choli online shopping.

  1. Consider the right colour and fabric

The colour and the material of your outfits play a vital role. They can make your appearance either a hit or a fail.  Avoid using light hues, they might make you appear shorter and heavier. Instead, opt for dark colours like black, navy blue, maroon, deep red, wine and so on. Dark colours have the power to  give you a distinct and slimmer appearance  Coming to the fabric, the selection of the material depends on the season and your body too. Materials such as satin, crepe, and georgette are suitable for any season. If you have a full figure, try to avoid fabrics like organza, net, and tissue. Instead, opt for Georgette as it will beautifully complement your body type. On the other hand, if you have a petite body, then a silk lehenga must preferably be a good choice.

  1. Get the right fit and pattern

The fitting of the cloth and pattern of the lehenga is another factor that you must consider to look slim. Firstly, you must consider your body type. Women having an hourglass shape can easily ace any design because of their proportional figure. Whereas, women with a round-shaped body should wear lehenga made up of stiff material like a net or silk. If you have a wide shoulder then, a plunging neckline along with a soft and flowy dupatta will work well. A pear-shaped body has a narrow upper body and heavy hips, so women with this body type should opt for simple and flowy designs. A woman with an apple-shaped body must opt for decent fabric with an off-shoulder or high shoulder choli.

  1. Accessories

Wearing proper accessories is also important while dressing yourself in traditional clothing. If you are wearing a highly embroidered lehenga choli set, then do not  go overboard with the accessories. Wear simple and light-weighted noticeable ornaments. And, if you’re wearing simple lehengas then  heavy earrings or haars can work well with your outfit. A watch, thin bracelet, or a set of thin bangles are evergreen pieces that work well with all types of lehengas. For you to carry your belongings and to look elegant, a handbag or a clutch will get the job done with ease. Hair accessories like buns and Veni are  some of the underrated accessories that you can experiment with.  

These simple steps can make a huge difference in your appearance and also help you to change your looks. You can always use the same tips while styling a distinct women’s kurta design or keep the tips in mind while you go for saree shopping.

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