Make An Awesome Birthday Gift Plan For Your Foodie Friend

Make An Awesome Birthday Gift Plan For Your Foodie Friend


Almost everyone has that irrepressible foodie friend who is simply insatiable when it comes to hogging on culinary treats whenever and wherever possible. It’s the birthday of that special foodie friend and you’d do well to plan some excellent birthday surprise for the friend for life. Always remember one thing that foodies deserve a whole segment of their own and it’s really hard to please them with the conventional gift options. You must be creative and plan a literally lip-smacking surprise for your dear foodie buddy on his/her birthday.

Have you been racking your brains about finding the perfect ideas for this particular purpose? Now, this article gives you some of the excellent birthday gift surprising ideas for your foodie friend.

1. Order A Delicious Cake:

Nothing can make a more perfect combination than the cakes and birthday surprise gifts for a foodie. How about thinking about a deliciously customized birthday cake with the right flavor and a very cute and heart-warming photo of your friend with the birthday wish. Doesn’t it sound like a perfect gift? Photo cakes have become the latest fad in the market. The best part of gifting photo cake is that these cakes can express your heartfelt emotion in the best manner. If you search online, you will find a lot of online cake shops that offer photo cakes but you should always buy it from a reputed online store.

2. Sweets:

Sweets are really well known for creating the ever-lasting memories. You can actually keep it simple with a bucket load of sweets on your foodie friend’s birthday and watch him/her exult in devouring the same with abandon. We all know that sweets have always been treated as the inseparable dessert for any happy occasion. When it comes to celebrating the special day like your friend’s birthday, nothing could be more delightful than this excellent gift of sweets.

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3. personalized Mugs:

Give your pal a shout-out with a personalized mug containing an adorable picture of him/her about to bite into something really delicious. You can make this gift more heart touching by writing a cute message or list of foods your friend really likes.

4. An enticing bouquet of flowers with lips-smacking chocolates:

Are you planning to gift a gorgeous bouquet to your foodie friend? Well, you can really make it memorable for her with the pack of delicious chocolate placed inside. The smell of the fresh and exquisite bouquet of flowers with the thrill of super sumptuous chocolates could make the perfect gift combination for your foodie friend.

5. Invite your friend for homemade lunch or dinner treat:

How about cooking his/her favorite dishes yourself? It is a very heart-touching gesture. Prepare your friend’s favorite dishes and see the happiness on his/her face when he eats it

6. Order a midnight birthday dessert for your friend:

A birthday is incomplete without the mouth-watering dessert. You can easily send a delicious dessert for your friend in the middle of the night. There are many shops online that offer midnight dessert delivery at the doorstep of your friend’s address. When it comes to choosing the best dessert for your friend’s birthday, nothing could be a more delighting option than a sumptuous cake. If your friend stays in Delhi and you are in a different city, you can still go for online cake delivery in Delhi from an online cake store.

7. Gift a cookbook:

If your friend loves cooking, you can actually gift a cookbook to your foodie friend and he/she will just love the gifts. This special gift will really encourage your friend to carry on the cooking venture.

Now you might have gotten some of the excellent birthday gift ideas for your most close foodie pal.

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