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Handbag & Fashion: Trends to look out for!


To say the least, handbags are one thing that never goes out of fashion. Whether you’re looking for something big enough to carry all your regular stuff in, or simply want to purchase something stylish, sleek and trendy – below is a list of the recent trends in all things handbags!

Chains everywhere!

Ever since 2019, we have witnessed handbags with chain handles on runways. However, this time around, they are back with a bang – bolder than ever before! With its extra-long links, it adds an edge to almost any leather pouch purse. You can easily find these handbags at Da Milano showroom in Delhi, at Select City Walk.

The Curved Carryall

Perfectly described as a shoulder bag or a tote bag made up of a crescent shaped closure and a single strap, these bags are super gorgeous. Available in a wide range of hues, the iconic shape of this handbag is what makes it stand out. If your taste is anything like this, you can shop from the exclusive range of handbags at Select City Walk. Whether you’re looking for the best Zara showroom or the finest Da Milano showroom in Delhi, Select City Walk offers a range of exclusive products!

On-point totes for style queens

Gone are the days of square-shaped totes. Considering the roller-coaster ride it has been since the pandemic broke out, we’re all living our lives on the edges. That said, 2021 is all about sharp, smart and sleek totes with pointed edges. These handbags are not only elegant, but also have a tinge of practicality in them.

The Tech-savvy

Let’s face it; although this digital shift was inevitable, the way it took up speed has also impacted our lives enormously – for better or worse. In today’s time and age, we can easily leave the house with just our phone in hand. The entire world is practically at our fingertips. Whether you want to order food, need a ride or simply want to enjoy some good movie – it’s all in our fingertips. The crossbody phone holders are for those people who wish to travel light, look fashionable and not worry about carrying a baggage along.

Not your Average Pillow bag!

This is not your average pillow that you sleep with every night. These are basically purses made up of absolutely supple,  scrunched, puffed and padded leathers. The excess leather that is used here gives off a cloud-like or a pillow effect on the handbag and believe us when we say it, it’s certainly worth obsessing over!

A Splash of Colour

With the pandemic phasing out and summers kicking in, it’s time for a splash of colours. So, irrespective of shape, size or material of the handbag, opt for one that is bright in colour. Here’s a secret – the biggest colour trends for this season are mellow yellow, purple and tangerine!

Now that you’re updated with all the handbag trends making rounds in 2021, when it’s time to make a statement, let your handbag do the talking!

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