Rum that are most familiar

Few varieties of Rum that are most familiar


Rum is a multifaceted spirit. It is more versatile than any other alcohol on the market and may get used for sips, cocktails, and various drinks. There are also numerous Rum varieties, each with its flavor profile and aging procedure. In this post, we will look at different rum, such as white rum, black rum, dark rum, and golden rum, as well as premium-aged rum.

Golden or Pale Rum:

The rum develops amber or golden tones as it ages in barrels. These golden rums often have a more flavorful character than white or light rums. Golden rum is to make drinks that have a richer taste. Golden rum gets aged for several years or more and may contain coloring to provide consistency. The barrels used for maturing may have a subtle flavor of vanilla, almond, citrus, caramel, or coconut.

White or light rum:

White rum is a light Rum that has a smoother flavor and a thin body than gold or black rum. These mild rums get employed in drinks that do not require a robust rum flavor. Most white rums in the United States are 80% or 40% ABV. They are aged frequently for a year before being filtered to eliminate color. White rum can be less expensive to manufacture and purchase than aged rum.

Dark Rums:

Darker, rich, heavier-bodied rums, sometimes known as dark rums, lend a robust tropical aroma to beverages and recipes. Black rums get widely used to complement the tastes of golden, white, and spiced rum cocktails. Most rum is from molasses, a thick, dark, sweet liquid from crystallized sugar leftovers. Black rum keeps a lot of the rich molasses and caramel flavor, and it’s frequently dyed with burned caramel to give it a constant black hue.

The Navy Rum:

Navy Rum (or Navy Force Rum) is a rum named after the rum rations served to soldiers aboard Royal Navy ships from 1850 until 1970! Until 1862, the United States Navy likewise maintained a rum ration. This sort of rum often has a V of 54-57. Because it gets not diluted by other ingredients, it is ideal for use in tiki beverages.

Agricole rum:

RhumAgricole is from sugar cane juice rather than molasses. It is a French Caribbean island rum. It is also from the Pacific Ocean’s Hawaiian Islands, Thailand, Mauritius, and Australia. Sugar cane stalks are chopped and crushed to obtain the juice. Distillers frequently leave the alcohol in barrels for extended periods to impart a pleasant character and flavor.

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