Fantastic food items for the foodies

Fantastic food items for the foodies


Another special year, another special celebration, are you prepared with your special settings and arrangements? Be it birthdays, anniversaries, receptions, or whatnot these bright and blissful days come bringing along rhythms of happiness, the wavelength of laughter bigger than ever and which is why their celebration has to be out of the world and one best way to make these blast of parties fabulous is through food. And who knows food better than Kolkata, the varying spice-full flavoursome options are dwelling and need to be a part of any and all celebration to make them super flattering. Find below a mix list of food deities that make you drool and force you to gulp it all and go nuts over the yummy food options


The irreplaceable evergreen item that thrives in all celebrations regardless of the place and occasion is cake. Hurry and order your online cake delivery in Kolkata and bring home some exciting crummy new flavours to the festival more exciting than ever before.


The very famous dish of Kolkata and the very favourite and close to its people puchkas must grab some space in your celebration as the street food corner. Extensively in demand this dish; however, an everyday item won’t go in vain.


Another mouth-watering array of a dish rasgulla takes some indispensable place is not just a party but an everyday post-dinner snack. Pronounced with such precise dialect and cooked with such expert regime it is an undefeatable Bong delight.


Moving on to the main course biryani stands first in line. A dish close to everyone’s heart and very dearly waited to be acquainted with the tongue; biryani is a must-have. You can’t commence your celebration with some puffed rice with spices and veggies and non-veg items if preferred. The aura of the pulao sways the mind and deserves a place in your celebration.

Chai tea and coffee

Much preferred in Kolkata and being followed in the heritage from a long, long time the culture of consuming hot tea and coffee is unexplained but subtly acclaimed to everyone. We understand the gaps, its bridges, how people converse over a cup of tea and just as you blink the awkwardness is all gone, and all that survives is good blood between two people.

Shrikhand for dessert

An A-one option in the list of desserts, shrikhand is the one item that you have to serve. It’s like a regime, like a culture that rules the parties. The delicacy of an item shrikhand has to have a place in your party. Another dessert-like dish but sweetly the most incredible and most undenied simply put the most eaten.

Kathi rolls

A slightly eclectic menu is the most liked when it caters to everyone’s needs and tastes. Those who want a slash in the menu and prefer to eat some exotic spicy deities, a Kathi roll is a hit item. It is a combination of veggies and chapati fried to make it more crispy. The sauces and tanginess of the dust loved by everyone is not a surprise; it is delicious.


This supreme food item needs no description. It is simply the best sweet dish ever made and is the most liked deity of Kolkata. It is a complete package, but the sweet flavour, the soft and spongy feel and the matty and fluffy texture on the lips are what makes this dish stand out from the rest.

Kosha mangsho

The enormously loved and drooled over kosha mangsho simply put is mutton curry. While it may be called the often eaten and pronounced mutton curry, it’s not like any ordinary one. The spices and the flavours make it extraordinary and extra liked by everyone. The softness of mutton cooked for long and with a touch of Kolkata is just the best.

The very hot and the very spicy options ruled by the soft and sweet treats together make up for an exciting and shimmering menu that one can’t deny. If food is what brings and binds people together, it has to be thoughtful. We have done the deed for you just make the pick of a few select items you know are the ones you love and will rock your party too.

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