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7 earring designs you should own


A woman without earrings is a rarity in any part of the world. No matter however minimalistic choices she makes, earrings are a part of that. When we want to compare how important they are for women, we can think of daily staples like clothes, food, etc. The way we search for variety in all these, women are concerned with the designs and jewellery patterns they wear.

In India, you can find earrings in every woman’s closet. The earring design varies according to the event or occasion, but they ensure to wear at least one pair throughout the day. You will never find a woman without ornaments in India, which symbolises her identity and existence. You can explore various options at online jewellers and local stores and buy them at attractive prices.

Stud earrings

Stylish and delicate gold earrings fit the ear lobes perfectly. Coming in a zillion patterns, sizes and shapes, they are age-neutral and, in fact, even gender-neutral. They are highly popular among millennial woman for their simple appeal. Available in lower weight ranges, the gold studs are perfect for daily use. Affordable, ease of wearing them, and the earrings designmake them stand out in the category.

Huggies earrings

It gives you the feeling of keeping something close to your ear. This earrings model is either made in pure gold or decorated with CZs, diamonds, tinyrubies or emeralds on the front part. Women in the age bracket of 15-45 wear them on both Indian and contemporary wear. You can find several shapes, sizes, and patterns in shops and on websites.

Hoop earrings

Bold and loose, they help you make your presence in an agile way. The gold hoops come in all different sizes and are available on online jewellery shopping websites. You can wear them for evenings or match them up with sober coloured attire. Hoops are usually sleek. You can team them with anything, including turtleneck tops, strapless tops, or standard V-neck tops. You can also pair them with free-flowing fancy sarees with your hair let loose.

Dangle earrings

The danglers are long, pendulum patterned with a heavy design on the lower end. They go well with either a bun or loose hair with long floor touch gowns.

Filigree earrings or Chaandbaalis

Traditional, beautiful, and heavy, the filigree earrings go well with Indian wear. Filigree is an age-old close looped lattice craftsmanship borrowing its design patterns from the Mughal era. You can find many women wearing it for public and traditional events in India.

Jhumki earrings

A personal favourite of every Indian woman, Jhumkis are lovely on traditional Indian sarees, and Indian wear exclusively. Their designs have transformed over the years, with jewellery designers recreating 2-in-1 styles. A diamond jhumka can replace a ruby jhumka with one top. This way, buying precious jewellery is more fun and valuable for money, especially while jewellery shopping online.

Boho earrings

They are loose ended, free-flowing designs available in versatile styles. The Sui Dhaga designs, the shoulder caressing Chandelier earrings are examples that challenge the aesthetic elements of gold earrings.If you love experimenting with your looks, these chandelier stylesare ideal options. There is an emphasis on the length of these earrings and floral patterns, petite ruby/emerald or black beads. They suit all face cuts.

How to buy them?

Unlike traditional shopping methods where you visited multiple jewellers at a distance, you can now access all varieties of jewellery online without leaving your house or office. You can get multiple offers in just a matter of minutes with the digital catalogue available on the website. You will receive the product at your doorstep within few days of placing the order. It saves lots of time, travel, and effort.


Shopping for online jewellery is a trend many families follow nowadays to get the best offers without visiting the market. You can also find many festive offers on the websites and pay for the product either by cash on delivery or digital payment methods.

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