Perfect Hens Party

6 Questions to Ask the Bride to Throw the Perfect Hens Party


Organising a hens party can be daunting, but with a few key questions and the right hens party products, it can be a breeze. Here are six questions to ask the bride that will help you to create an unforgettable night.

Who Does She Want to Invite?

The first question to ask the bride is who she wants to invite to her hens party. Generally, the host should invite her closest friends and family, and members of the bridal party such as bridesmaids, maid of honour, mother of the bride and anyone else who is special to her. You can also order special bridal party sashes for guests to wear during the celebrations. This will add an extra special touch and make for great photo opportunities.

What Kind of Party Does She Want?

It’s important to get a sense of what kind of party the bride wants. Does she want something classic or something more modern and funkier? Maybe she’s looking for something chic and elegant, or maybe she’s a little more adventurous and wants something wild and daring! Ask her questions about the type of decor she’d like, the kind of music she wants to play, and the activities she’d like to do.

What’s Her Budget?

Asking the bride about her budget will help determine how much money you can allocate for decorations, catering, drinks, and games. The bride should be able to provide you with a realistic budget for her hens party, allowing you to plan accordingly.

What’s the Dress Code?

When it comes to the dress code, let your bride decide. Ask the bride what colour scheme she’d like to use and make sure to take into account any allergies or sensitivities of the guests when choosing fabrics. If the bride wants to be a bit more casual, suggest having everyone wear a themed t-shirt or hat instead. It all comes down to what she envisions for her perfect hens party!

What Kind of Food or Drink Does She Want?

When planning the bridal party’s menu, it’s important to ask the bride what kind of food and drinks she would like to serve. Consider her preferences and tastes and any dietary requirements among her guests. For example, if she loves Italian food, you might offer a selection of Italian dishes. Or, if some of her bridesmaids have allergies, make sure to have a few gluten-free or dairy-free options available. Also, don’t forget drinks! It’s always a nice touch to provide alcoholic beverages for your guests and non-alcoholic options like mocktails and iced teas. You could also add a fun twist by offering signature drinks or cocktails to match your theme.

Does She Have Any Specific Activities in Mind?

When throwing a hens party, the bride may have some specific activities in mind that she wants to do. Ask her if she has any fun ideas for the bridal party and activities that she wants to include. This can range from playing cheap hens party games to wearing matching bridal party sashes. Ask her what kinds of activities she’s thinking of and see if you can make her vision come true.

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